I miss the past happiness. Although I am
still busy now but I feel exciting, because
I know my lovely, my friends, my customers
are also changed better because of me.
Hope to love eternity.
During young time, I do not know why mother
always liked to eat the head of fish; young time
, I do not know the winter water would be
harmful for washing clothes; young time,
I do not know my cover quilt was stitched by
mother. Nowadays, I know I love, miss the
happiness of the past. I Used to be on business
trips frequently, and I was forced to accustomed
to be busy and lonely. But now I miss the warm
feeling of family. 40 years old, I give up all, and
decide to do the most valuable hotel products.
It makes most travelers who are along when
doing busy trips have felt family atmosphere.
I did it, and insist on it better in the future.
I miss the past happiness, miss someone who
I suppose to accompany with.
Sometimes, I have been persuading myself:
the time wheel will not stop because of my
short lazy. And now I always fantasize that
if there is a chance to relive, I will stop busy.
If there is more chance, I want to be with
someone I like, doing what she and I like
to do.